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DSZ Interiors is a successful interior design and fitting company, established in 2012. It’s a sister company to already existing family businesses DSZ Partnership and Outstanding Media.


DSZ Interiors exclusively worked with the groups existing clientele, helping our clients expand their businesses with multiple sites whilst maintaining brand standards. after being approached by new businesses wanting us to help manage their concept from idea stage all the way through to design and build to store openings, we have decided to open our services to new business partners and accept more external clients.

By working with our clients closely we gain a taste of what their business has to offer and we employ that into designing, creating and fitting your chosen interior and environments.


Our commitment is to provide our business clients a service built for their own personal and business needs. We aim to become the number one choice for business interior design and fitting worldwide, for small and big businesses alike, and are already working towards this goal with clients all over the UK and previous jobs implemented in other parts of Europe.

For enquiries and quotes, please get in touch.